Feeling Blue

By blue Ontario’s shore,
As I mused of these warlike days and of peace return’d, and the
dead that return no more,
A Phantom gigantic superb, with stern visage accosted me,
Chant me the poem, it said, that comes from the soul of America,
chant me the carol of victory,
And strike up the marches of Libertad, marches more powerful yet,
And sing me before you go the song of the throes of Democracy.

-Walt Whitman (excerpt from By Blue Ontario’s Shore)

Lately I’ve been infatuated with the hues of the color blue, the color which makes up the sky and sea. I love how blue can contain a softness at times, at sharpness at others. These are three photographs that I’ve taken involving varying degrees of blue. I love the vividness of the blue in the first photo, the shades of blue in the stones as well as the glass in the second, and the contrast between the brick and the blue of the sky around it in the last photo.

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